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Gentlemen from all walks of life are often keen to learn the ropes of style - but are constantly deterred by dissenters, "friends", the culture, personal fears and other factors. We have a list of FAQs here that will help you understand tailoring and style just a little bit better so that you can make an informed decision on whether you want to take this step out into our world.

Q: Why Tailoring?

A: There is absolutely no doubt in our minds that tailoring is for every man. But of course, such a notion can be viewed as subjective. There are a host of benefits of tailoring that we will lay out here to make our case. Here are just three for starters.
Firstly, good tailoring ensures that you get the best fit possible for you. Ready-to-wear pieces are made for the masses and often for a Western clientele, depending on the brand. Many guys here would not be able to find something that fits well without some alteration at least. The problem is that the people around us are so accepting of ill-fitting clothes that it has numbed our senses to the obvious. Overly long sleeves, shoulders that do not drop at the right point, muffin-top shirts with too much excess fabric are so ubiquitous we sometimes forget that these are just unfortunate styling.

Secondly, you get to customize the fine details of your garments. Most people immediately think of monograms and fancy linings. But we are talking about lapels, collars, cuffs, cut, length of shirts, shape of suit, suit shoulders, vents, pockets, horned buttons and a myriad of other details that tells people you are the real deal.

Thirdly, there is a good reason why many top business people, media personalities and politicians tailor their clothes. It lends an aura of power and charisma you simply cannot get from RTW apparel. Plus, each piece is made just for you. Now, just how wonderful is that?

Q: Is it expensive?

A: Price is always a sensitive issue. But by and large, the short answer is NO. The value you get from tailored products beats virtually any other options out there - dollar for dollar. Also, HST rack rates are hardly inhibitive for most working executives and we eliminate a lot of fanciful, hype-based marketing to channel more quality at cost effective rates to you.

Q: How long does it take to get my suit?

A: You will get your first fitting within 2 weeks. We will also inform you if your session can be pushed forward earlier. There might be 1-3 more fittings after to fine-tune your garment. All in all, give a one-month buffer if you are planning to make a suit for any special occasion.

Q: Why "bespoke" tailoring and not made-to-measure?

A: Bespoke tailoring is in essence the finest form of tailoring. It represents the epitome of customisation - adopting a bottom up instead of top-down approach. We build the garments based on your measurements and requirements without pre-conceived ideas or the use of generic templates. Most made-to-measure garments are based on existing cookie-cutter block templates with the garment adjusted first to fit the individual's general measurements and then altered further if necessary to fit. So you start off with a template, then find ways to tinker with the template to create the best fit. Bespoke tailoring treats each individual as unique and drafts a completely original blueprint for each customer - and then through further fittings fine tune the clothes to the wearer. In addition, the entire process from measurements to drafting to fabrication and hand-sewn details are done in-house - maintaining an unrivalled level of quality control and dedicated focus on your attires.

Q: Do the people around me actually appreciate tailored clothes?

A: You can be certain that people do take notice and are able to spot the difference between a well-fitted suit and a poorly made one - even if they aren't always able to concisely articulate their observation. Likewise, they are generally able to distinguish between a cheap fabric and a superior one. For instance, quality fabrics such as those we offer always gives your garments a better drape, is generally thicker and is consistently more photogenic. People can quite easily see that most ready-to-wear jackets are no match for your bespoke suit. And armed with a robust and elegant wardrobe, you will have the confidence and the added boost to make your stamp in the world.

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