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Our Denim

HST Bespoke Jeans was birthed as a result of the popularity of our tailored denim wear, in particular our classic cut jeans. Our selection of fine Japanese Selvedge denim are of the highest quality and you can be assured of a tough, hardy apparel

that is nonetheless a sheer pleasure to wear.

Our cuts include all modern and fashion forward options, namely skinny, slim, straight, relaxed and bell bottoms - for both gentlemen and ladies. Be duly warned - our fans are never quite satisfied with just one HST bespoke jeans. Neither will you.

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"The HST Bespoke jeans is all about your individuality, your attitude and your universe.
We make it just the way you want it. And when you wear it, you gotta rock it like you own it. It's your guilty pleasure and then some.

Denim jeans, shirts and even jackets have now found their way into the modern gentleman's wardrobe as a casual staple.
Interestingly, Denim a menswear category

is one of the few modern fashion inventions that has gained the love and buy-in from even the most staunch style purist. And little wonder, given its supremely laid back classiness and unparalleled versatility. Everybody loves a good pair of jeans and virtually nothing can beat the reckless charisma of a designer denim apparel.

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