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Our Suits

All our suits are fully canvassed, with functioning buttonholes and are completely customisable. For instance, not only are you able to determine the style of lapel on your jacket, you can also work with our consultants to design your lapels to the exact width, angles and height that you want. The precise slope of your pockets, the button stance and exact positions of the buttonhole can all be fine-tuned to pin-point accuracy, according to your fancy.

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"A bespoke suit made by HST conveys to those around you the symbol of perspicuous elegance and is the ultimate reflection of an effortlessly sophisticated gentleman."

Of course, being bespoke - the greatest benefit would be the absolutely flawless fit you will enjoy as our craftsmen make the necessary adjustments after each fitting session. Typically, 2-4 fittings are all that is required to satisfy even the most demanding of customers. At this point, the fit would be exceptionally comfortable and yet pleasantly snug, the drape clean and the silhouette sculptured to enhance your natural physique. You are now ready to take on the world.

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